Present Officers

The Right

It was decreed at the first meeting of the ICCA held in 1974, that the leader of the group is to known as “Right,” taking a note from Henry Clay, whom in 1839 declared “I’d rather be right than president.”  Brother Timothy, the famous Cellar master of the Christian Brothers Winery, was elected as the first Right of the ICCA

Ian Hunter is the current Right of the ICCA

Chief Correspondent

The Chief Correspondent’s duties are to encourage and facilitate “correspondence” between the “addicts” of the ICCA.

Bjorn Berger is the current Chief Correspondent of the ICCA

ICCA Officer History

Year Right Chief Correspondent
1974 Brother Timothy Bernard Watney
1975 Brother Timothy Bernard Watney
1976 Bernard Watney Homer Babbidge
1977 Bernard Watney Homer Babbidge
1978 Bernard Watney Homer Babbidge
1979 Homer Babbidge Warren Rowe
1980 Homer Babbidge Warren Rowe
1981 Homer Babbidge Warren Rowe
1982 Don Morway Warren Rowe
1983 Bob Nugent Francis Hutchinson
1984 Bob Nugent Francis Hutchinson
1985 Perry Howland Evan Perry
1986 Perry Howland Evan Perry
1987 Richard Dennis David Bradshaw
1988 Richard Dennis David Bradshaw
1989 David Bradshaw Don Minzenmayer
1990 David Bradshaw Don Minzenmayer
1991 Don Minzenmayer Don Bull
1992 Don Minzenmayer Don Bull
1993 Don Bull Ron MacLean
1994 Don Bull Ron MacLean
1995 Don Bull Ron MacLean
1996 Ron MacLean Joe Paradi
1997 Ron MacLean Joe Paradi
1998 Joe Paradi Helgir Solheim
1999 Joe Paradi Helgir Solheim
2000 Helgir Solheim Wolfgang Handel
2001 Helgir Solheim Wolfgang Handel
2002 Wolfgang Handel Bert Giulian
2003 Wolfgang Handel Bert Giulian
2004 Bert Giulian Ferd Peters
2005 Bert Giulian Ferd Peters
2006 Bert Giulian Fred Kincaid
2007 Fred Kincaid Fred O'Leary
2008 Fred Kincaid Fred O'Leary
2009 Fred Kincaid Maurice Dancer
2010 Maurice Dancer John Morris
2011 Maurice Dancer John Morris
2012 John Morris Jens Arnbjerg
2013 John Morris Jens Arnbjerg
2014 Jens Arnbjerg Barry Taylor
2015 Jens Arnbjerg Barry Taylor
2016 Barry Taylor Ian Hunter
2017 Barry Taylor Ian Hunter
2018 Ian Hunter Bjorn Berger
2019 Ian Hunter Bjorn Berger