Master of the Punch, Richard Dennis & Sally Dennis
Hot Punch by Mrs. I Beeton 1861

Take the zest of the lemons with the ingredients except the lemon juice and heat slowly.  Do not boil.  Strain the lemon juice into the punch bowl, add hot liquid and serve.


Master of the Punch, Jeffery Mattson
The making of mulled wine our hippocras, as it was known in earlier times, was not a matter to be left to chance.  Follow and enjoy—

Tie spices in cheesecloth.  Simmer spices, sugar, and wine for 4 to 5 minutes to blend flavours.  Add cognac, heat through, and pour into heated mugs.  Makes about 12 drinks.


Master of the Punch, Gianni Giachin
Peabody Punch

Sugar to taste


Master of the Punch, Francis & Joyce Hutchinson
Brother Timothy’s Truth Serum
Recipe supplied by Brother Timothy & some of the ingredients thanks to Christian Brothers.

Dilute to taste if faint of heart. Seasonal soft fruit.


Master of the Punch, Mike Sharp
Orange Blossom Special

Serve over block ice or dry ice, float fruit or anything else that suits the occasion.


Master of the Punch, Herb & Camille Danziger
The Canjun Trip

Add ice.  Garnish with Lemon & Orange Slices


Master of the Punch, Maurizio & Sandra Fantoni
The Tove’s Tail

Stir lightly before serving.


Master of the Punch, Joe & Monika Paradi
Crazy Canuck Concoction

Maple leaf shaped apple slices and ice cubes


Master of the Punch, Jack Preiss & Susan Olson Shrub
(taken from a "Book of Cookery" in manuscript form that was given to Martha Washington by her mother in 1749)

Cover your pot close & let stand for 3 days, stirring it every day. Then strain it & bottle it & crush your lemons inside it."


Master of the Punch, Donald & Virginia Squair
Fish House Punch

(as presented by the Governor of the Schuylkill Fishing Co. Penna).

Mix over ice ahead and let sit a couple of hours (with ice).  In hot weather, omit the water and serve over ice.


Masters of the Punch, Don & Betty Minzenmayer and Don & Bonnie Bull
Double Right ~ Double Mint Punch

Slice lemons, limes, & oranges into thin slices and marinate in maple syrup & one cup water for 8 hours at room temperature.  Add sliced fruit & marinade to punch bowl.  Pour wine and grappa over fruit.  Stir gently while adding remainder of ingredients.  Float several un-pinched mint leaves on top.


Master of the Punch,  Ragnhild & Bjorn Bendigtsen
Wild Berry Punch

Serve with fresh fruit & wild berries over ice.


Master of the Punch, Bert & Maureen Giulian
White Candle
(the White Candle recipe is from an 18th century writing by Benjamin Franklin, "Rules of Health and Long Life…")

Let it boil, and keep stirring it often… Strain it through a course sieve, when you use it, sweeten to your palate, grate in a little nutmeg, and what wine is proper; and squeeze in the juice of a lemon


no entry


Master of the Punch, Alf & Anne Erickson
Jeff Davis Punch

(found in the personal papers of Pres. Jefferson Davis and was served for the Holidays at the Confederate White House)


Master of the Punch, Bertie Miles & Barbara Chersman
Somerset Royal Punch

Mix together the cider, lemonade, brandy and Cointreau.  Add the sliced lemons and oranges.  Leave to stand in a refrigerator overnight.  Serve chilled with the addition of the sliced apples.


Master of the Punch Wolfgang Handel & Kirsten Henn


Master of the Punch, John & Martha Morris
New Millennium Punch

½ hour prior to serving, pour wine into Punch Bowl and add ice ring & loose fruit as decoration.  Just before serving add Champagne! Enjoy!


Master of the Punch, Nick Hunt
Turramurra Tot

Best refrigerated overnight after mixing


Master of the Punch, Milt & Karen Becker "
Pain Killers for Everyone

Blend, Shake, or Stir:

Pour into a big glass filled with ice and grate fresh nutmeg on top.


Master of the Punch, Howard Luterman
Franklin County Moonshine Punch
"white lightning"


Master of the Punch Anne-Lise Kohler & Martin Jessen
The Scandinavian Punch

Cool the rum, champagne, ad white wine.  Cut the mangoes into small slices.  Pour the rum, champagne and white in the Bowl.  Add sugar to tasted, add the mango slices and pineapple cherries and mix.  Put one cherry in each glass and add punch and fruit from the Bowl.

When everybody has taste the punch, its time for singing the Swedish "Punch Song" (melody Auld Lang Syne).
"När punschen småningom tar slut
Och vår flaska blivit tom,
Då vänder vi den upp och ned
Tills dess inget rinner ur.
Så slicker vi, så slicker vi,
Ba’d utanpå och i.
Och finns det ända nagot kvar,
Får det va’ till sämre da’r!"


Master of the Punch, Klaus & Barbara Biermann

Orange and pineapple Juices with Grenadine
On Ice!


Master of the Punch, Helgir Solheim
Queens Punch


no entry


Master of the Punch, Bob & Nancy Kimball


Master of the Punch Anne-Lise Kohler


Master of the Punch, Josef & Sue L’Africain
Flavors of Fall in Vermont

Serve straight up…


Master of the Punch, Hans J. Türler and Anneliese Spalinger
Greek Island Punch

or in Roman letters :

Mastiha is the natural and rare tree resin of the pistacia lentiscus var Chia tree, which can be founded only in the Greek island of Chios. It's really something unique!


Master of the Punch, Dick and June Clark
Devil in the White City

The punch was based on the champagne based Fish House Punch served at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition) but modernized for present day ingredients


Master of the Punch, Ian & Sue Hunter
Belgium 30th Anniversary Punch
(Richard Dennis presented the punch bowl in 1983)

Into each glass add a whole star anise, a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg, and a slice of orange (we forgot to add the nutmeg....)


Master of the Punch, Barry and Marty Taylor
Old Fashioned Jamaican Rum Punch


Master of the Punch, Bjorn and Aud-Irene Berger
Mountain Stream Punch

60 Servings

The fruit is to be peeled and cut in small pieces (about 1 cm). No white substance from the lemons, limes or oranges should be present in the punch.

The fruit is to be blended in the bowl. Then add cold Vodka, Akevitt and Roses lime and stir gently.

Add Ice cubes (plenty) in good time before serving (15-20 minutes) so that the mixture is properly chilled. The ice cubes should not be melted away when serving.
Finally add the ice cold Sprite (bottles should be kept on ice) just before serving to keep the bobbles (carbon dioxide).

Note 1:
To get in the right mood for this punch you have to play some proper music of Edward Grieg and at the same time launce millions of mosquitoes free in the room.

Note 2:
In Briones we were about 60 persons present. The rest of the punch, about 1/3, was donated to the helpful and enthusiastic staff at the Vivanco Estate.


Master of the Punch Tommy Campnell
Tommy’s Own Hub Punch