BottleScrue Times Submissions

Bottle Scrue Times Submission Suggestions

These are things which, in the best of all possible worlds, the editor of the Bottle Scrue Times would like to see coming to his mail box--email or otherwise.  The following is sort of a guide in a general order of priority--most desirable first: Here are a few things I do not find particularly enlightening, or worthy of much BST space.

Finally—comments re simultaneous submissions.   For anyone not familiar with the term “simultaneous submissions,” it refers to material submitted to two or more publications at, or about, the same time.  Whereas commercial publications that pay for the rights to an author’s work almost never knowingly accept such material, the BST doesn’t have that luxury. 

As far as the ICCA’s Bottle Scrue Times is concerned, however, not paying for articles, etc. doesn’t mean we don’t have a valuable interest in being the first, or better yet, the exclusive publisher of original and interesting material.  One of our primary considerations is maintaining the ICCA’s leadership in corkscrew research and knowledge.  As one of our Rights pointed out in his Right’s Corner not too long ago, most of the literature ever published on the subject of corkscrews has come from ICCA members.  Each of us should be aware of, and proud of that heritage.  One very important way of maintaining that preeminence is through publishing original research first, if not exclusively in the BST.

So as not to be misunderstood, however, corkscrew knowledge must be shared and made freely available, and an author has full control over when and where he/she wants his/her material published.  And, certainly, there are other considerations, such as one wanting his/her work to be seen and read by the largest audience.  However, publishing at least first in the BST does not prevent later publication in other newsletters, on the internet, etc.  But, let the other newsletters reprint our original material, and acknowledge that it appeared first in the ICCA’s Bottle Scrue Times

So, the bottom line is-----