ICCA - Robert P. Nugent Award

1997 Bob Goldscheider for his photo of a Gold Corkscrew
1998 Klaus Pumpenmeier for his research article on German Corkscrews
1999 No award given
2000 Buster Berntson
2001 Jens Arnbjerg for the research article "Danish Hallmarks on Corkscrews"
2002 Nick Hunt for his 2001 AGM Write-up
2003 Ferd Peters for his article, "First Update of German Registered Deigns and Patents"
2004 Buster Berntson for his articles, "Reflection over a Pistol", and "Bar Screws, Five Years Later"
2005 Adolfo Roque for his article, "The Right’s Cape–Aveiro’s Gabao"
2006 Nick Hunt for the Write-up of 2005 AGM
2007 Hans Türler for "Corkscrews as Objects of Intellectual Property"
2008 Carroll Johnson for his article on "Traveling Sets"
2009  Don Bull for his article on the Hamilton Estabrook Patent
2010   Barry Taylor for two articles, The Johnson Patent and Edward P. Haff Corkscrews.
2011   Josef Andre L’Africain for the 2010 AGM write-up and his article “Frary-ations.”
2012   John Morris for "Wall Mount Openers and Corkscrews"
2013   Ferd Peters for "Belgian Corkscrews"
2014 Jens Arnbjerg for "Laguiole Knives with Corkscrews"
2015   Don Bull for his article on Spanish Corkscrews
2016   Dick Clark for article on the Preston and Sons Tool Brace Holder