ICCA - Homer Babbidge Award

1985 Bernard Watney for "The History of Stoppers and Corkscrews"
1986 Don Minzenmayer for research on "Corkscrew Handles"
1987 Bob Nugent for research on "Knives with Corkscrews"
1988 Joe Paradi for "French Corkscrew Patents"
1989 Ron MacLean for "Common Corkscrews-II"
1990 Bob Nugent for the "History of the Robert Murphy Corkscrew"
1991 Don Bull for the video tape recording of a corkscrew post card collection with narration,
and all Addicts’ Best 6 photographs from 1974 through 1991
1992 None
1993 Don Minzenmayer for "Dissertation on the Screwpull"
1994 Ferd Peters for "French Patents by Perille"
1995 Bert Giulian for "Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century"
1996 Fred O’Leary for his book, "Corkscrews–1000 Patented Ways to Open a Bottle"
1997 Don Bull for the Virtual Corkscrew Museum website
1998 None
1999 None
2000 None
2001 Don Bull for "Boxes full of Corkscrews"
2002 Don Bull for the Internet book on "Cork Ejectors"
2003 Ron MacLean and Bob Nugent (posthumously) for their Internet book, "William Rockwell Clough"
2004 Don Bull for his book, "Japanese Patents"
2005 Anne-Lise Køhler, Per Ekman and Helgir Solheim for their book, "Scandinavian Corkscrew Patents 1867 - 1973"
2006 Don Bull for "The Perfect Extractor"
2007 None
2008 None
2009 None
2010 None
2011 Don Bull and Joe Paradi for Champagne Collectible
2012 None
2013 Don Bull and Joe Paradi for Wine Antiques and Collectibles
2014 None
2015 None
2016 Don Bull, Bert Giulian and Joe Paradi for World Class Corkscrews